What Are The Benefits Of Raspberry Leaf Tea?

What Are The Benefits Of Raspberry Leaf Tea?

Have you been hearing about the seemingly miraculous health benefits of raspberry leaf tea? Whether you’ve seen it making the rounds on social media, or heard your favourite influencer raving about it, this concoction (often called “the woman’s herb”) shows numerous benefits for women’s health. 

So, what can raspberry leaf tea do for you?

Nutrient profile

Planet Organic raspberry leaf tea is packed with so many vital compounds that it would almost be quicker to talk about what it doesn’t have! First of all, their vitamin content covers practically half the alphabet, with a,c,e and b vitamins present in the leaves. These vitamins have antioxidant properties, contribute to cardiovascular health and a strong immune system.

It also contains a laundry list of minerals vital for a healthy diet. These include: calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium and phosphorus. 

We haven’t mentioned that they’re also filled with tannins and flavonoids. These chemicals are also excellent sources of antioxidants that reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system. 


So what health outcomes could you gain and who stands to benefit? 

There is good evidence to show that raspberry leaf tea is beneficial for women’s overall health and especially for pregnant women. 

During pregnancy

Planet Organic raspberry leaf tea offers a number of potential benefits from strengthening the uterine muscles, decreasing time in labour and improving contractions. It also appears that drinking raspberry leaf tea can make pre-term and post-term births less likely. 

After birth

Planet Organic raspberry leaf tea is a galactogogue, which means it is supposed to increase the production of breast milk. It is said to do this by stimulating the release of the hormone prolactin. The quality of breast milk is also known to improve because of its rich vitamin content. 

Drinking a cup of Planet Organic raspberry leaf tea each day may assist new mothers with their postpartum recovery. If symptoms persist, you may be experiencing postpartum depression, in which case it’s important to seek professional help from your doctor. 

The list of potential benefits is endless! If you are looking for herbal remedies to help aid your time during pregnancy, Planet Organic raspberry leaf tea is said to do wonders.  


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