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Yes, all Planet Organic products are certified organic, by Australian Certified Organic (ACO).

No. Genetically modified ingredients are not permitted under the National Organic Standard Edition 3.5.

Yes. Planet Organic uses no animal ingredients in its products.

No, irradiation and fumigation are prohibited treatments for certified organic produce. If required, heat treatment or freezing are alternative acceptable methods.

Our teabag paper is made from a mix of wood pulp, abaca fibre ( manilla hemp ) and plant based sealing fibres. No plastics. We do not string, tag or envelope our bags to avoid waste. Our tea bags are compostable.

Our teabag paper is oxygen bleached and is whitened with Hydrogen Peroxide which breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen and dissipates with no residuals.

By supporting organic farming, we help our environment and save the energy drain required to produce synthetic fertilisers.

In purchasing organic products you are demonstrating your belief that carcinogens, found in many herbicides and pesticides, do not belong in our food, on the land or in the water systems of our planet.

Recently, greater awareness and increasing preference for organically grown products has brought an increased return to organic agricultural systems.

The organic farm management plan has brought enormous benefits. It helps build a healthy global community by employing safe agr practices which work in harmony with our planet.

Organic farming has produced a reversal from the loss of top soil, loss of animal and plant species, contamination of waterways and defoliation.

New organic top soil is produced by composting, streams and rivers run free of toxic leaching, and plant diversity, tree cover, birds and other animal species are returning in great numbers to the plantations and surrounding areas.

Often farmers will form cooperatives where the sharing of resources creates better organisation, increases income and helps further development and awareness among farmers. This includes the sharing of knowledge of such techniques as crop diversification and rotation, botanical insect control and composting. Farm workers who have previously been on a poor wage structure, now in an organic farm management plan receive a more equitable return from production. A tea estate for example may provide a cow per household to the estate’s labour force.The cow will produce milk for the household and is also a source of nitrogen rich compost which is sold back to the estate.A further source of income is by a contract to apply the compost to the plantation.

It is in such ways the sustainability of organic agriculture has far reaching benefits for the growth of the community.

Our tea boxes are wrapped in a cellulose freshness barrier. The material is wholly or partially derived from biomass, which is usually corn, sugar cane or cellulose. No petroleum based plastics are used. The wrap is compostable in industrial composting conditions.

Yes. The materials are responsibly sourced with a programme protecting forest sustainability. The box is printed using vegetable based inks from renewal raw materials.

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