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Spearmint Tea Bags $6.00
    ⚖️ Hormone-balancing effects.     🤩 Reduce PCOS acne     🍽️ Digestive benefits, including relief from bloating and indigestion.
Ginger Tea Bags $6.00
    - Widely recognized for its effectiveness in relieving nausea and improving digestion.     - Can have anti-inflammatory effects and can soothe sore throats.     - Often used for its warming properties and ability to boost circulation.
Raspberry Leaf Tea Bags $7.00
    🤰 For women's reproductive health, especially during pregnancy.     👶 Tone the uterus & help in preparing for labour.     🩸 Beneficial in reducing menstrual cramps & regulating cycle.
Chamomile Tea Bags $5.00
    😴 Calming and sleep-inducing.     😥 Reducing anxiety.     😌 Soothe digestive discomfort.
Rosehip Hibiscus Tea Bags $6.00
    - High in vitamin C and antioxidants, supporting immune health.     - Can aid in skin health and have anti-aging properties.     - Often used for its tangy, refreshing flavour and natural diuretic properties.
Lemon Balm Tea Bags $6.00
    - Traditionally used for its calming effects, reducing anxiety and aiding sleep.     - Can help in improving mood and cognitive function.     - Often used for its pleasant, lemony flavour and soothing properties.
Dandelion Leaf Tea Bags $6.00
    - Commonly used for its diuretic properties and support of liver health.     - Can aid in digestion and help in detoxifying the body.     - Often used for its nutritional content, including vitamins and minerals.
Nettle Tea Bags $6.00
    - High in nutrients and can help in detoxifying the body.     - Can support joint health and reduce symptoms of allergies.     - Often used for its anti-inflammatory properties.
Peppermint Tea Bags $5.00
    - Widely used for its digestive benefits, including relief from IBS symptoms.     - Can help in reducing nausea and improving concentration.     - Often used for its cooling and refreshing effects.
Bedtime Tea Bags $6.00
    🧘‍♀️ Promote relaxation.     😴 Improve sleep quality.     😊 Gentle on stomachs
Green Tea Bags $5.00
    - High in antioxidants, particularly EGCG.     - Can boost metabolic rate, aiding in fat burning and weight management.     - Contains caffeine which can improve brain function and mental alertness.
English Breakfast Tea Bags $5.00
    - Provides a robust flavour and an energising boost, with a higher caffeine content.     - Can improve mental alertness and concentration.     - Often used for its hearty, full-bodied flavour, ideal for starting the day.
Turmeric and Ginger Tea Bags $6.00
   - Both are known for their anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits.    - Can help in reducing pain and improving circulation.    - Often used for its soothing effects on the stomach.
English Breakfast Bulk Bag 500g $25.00
Planet Organic English Breakfast Tea is a traditional blend of the finest certified organic black teas. Selected from high grown mountain tea gardens, this refreshing blend has a bright flavoursome liquor and is good to drink any time of the day. Ingredients: Certified Organic Black Tea Weight: 500g
Ceylon True Cinnamon 250g $20.00
Our certified organic cinnamon zeylanicum ( true cinnamon ) from Sri Lanka is a mild spice used to flavour spiced cakes and biscuits. Organic cinnamon is especially good with apples and can be used in many desserts or just sprinkled on breakfast cereals. Weight: 250g

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