What is The Hype Around Geisha Coffee?

What is The Hype Around Geisha Coffee?

Australia is well known for having a highly sophisticated coffee culture. While it is typically associated with Melbourne, a taste for high quality coffee has been increasing in the Sunshine Coast’s burgeoning cafe scene. To satisfy the Coast’s growing demand for good coffee, Planet Organic is proud to showcase one of the world’s finest organic coffee beans: Geisha coffee.

As crazy as it sounds, Geisha coffee is selling for almost $200 a cup in Melbourne! So, what exactly is Geisha coffee, and why is it commanding such a premium?

What is Geisha coffee?

First of all, let’s clear up a common misunderstanding. Despite the name, Geisha coffee actually has nothing to do with Japan, or their celebrated class of professional entertainers known as Geisha. 

In the mid 20th century, Geisha coffee made its way from Africa to Panama via Costa Rica, where it was blended with other varieties. However, the magic of this special coffee wasn’t fully appreciated until 2004, when the Hacienda La Esmeralda coffee company submitted it in an unblended form to the Best of Panama coffee competition. Needless to say, it had an immediate global impact on the coffee industry, and its reputation has been growing ever since.

Why is it so rare and expensive?

Considering the price tag, you’d think Geisha coffee must be something pretty special, right? The major reason for its sky high cost is because of how incredibly difficult it is to cultivate. 

Geisha coffee is grown at elevation on Panama’s highest mountain, Volcan Baru. High altitude cultivation provides the environment necessary to produce Geisha coffee’s distinctive flavour profile. The downside is that this makes it a low yielding variety. And with low supply and high demand comes a hefty price point. But, why are people willing to pay top dollar for this brew? 

Like most high altitude grown coffee beans, Geisha coffee has a deliciously floral aroma and complex fruity flavour. Expect hints of jasmine and bergamot, along with a stunning arrangement of fruity notes including papaya, berry, honeysuckle, lemon and guava, just to name a few. The specific flavours you experience will depend on the bean, but any genuine cup of Geisha coffee will not fail to deliver its signature profile.

How often does Planet Organic roast Geisha coffee?

Given that the demand for Geisha coffee is so high, and so little is produced due to limitations in the way it is cultivated, it can be difficult and costly for retailers like us to get our hands on the goods. As a result, we put the word out when our next batch of Geisha coffee will be roasted and ready to ship out to customers. Check back on the website here to stay up-to-date on when the next batch will be available, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to put your pre-order in online and secure a bag of the world’s finest coffee today! 


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