Why Should I Buy Organic Tea?

Why Should I Buy Organic Tea?

As more, and more people are thinking of making the switch to organic products the question of ‘Why?” feels more important than ever. You may know why you should shop organic for meat or produce - but do you know why you should be buying organic tea? 

Why Organic is Important 

Organic farming is widely considered to be a far more sustainable alternative when it comes to food and beverage production. Organic foods promote healthier and more sustainable use of natural resources as it reduces pollution, soil erosion and soil fertility and health; it also uses less energy and conserves water. 

At Planet Organic our farming helps build a healthy global community by employing safe agricultural practices that work in harmony with our environment. Our products are grown in plantations where topsoil is nurtured naturally by composting not chemicals. This reduces soil erosion and keeps land fertile. Our organic farming practices stop chemical contamination to our waterways and promotes a healthy, diverse ecosystem for animal and plant life.

The Benefits of Choosing Organic Tea 

After water, tea is the world's most-consumed drink. Tea is a crop like any other, subjected to common farming practices. To maintain the ever-increasing demand, regular tea farming and production has been focused on keeping up with supply while keeping prices down. As we’re sure you can imagine the impact of keeping up with these high demands are not great on the farmers or the environment. Organic tea farming practices do not utilise synthetic pesticides and fertilizers to maintain a high yield and therefore does not pose a threat to the environment, unlike regular tea farming.

Organic is not only great for the environment, but for you too! At Planet Organic our Australian made teas are certified organic and grown as nature intended, with no synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or GMOs. Organic tea helps maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in your digestive system, boost your antioxidant level and have a higher nutritional value all while providing enhanced flavour. As our Planet Organic Teas are grown as nature intended in chemical-free soil. You’ll taste the difference – pure and simple.

The Ingredients in Planet Organic Tea

Keeping our organic teas free of toxic chemicals is clearly better for your health, but it’s not just what we leave out that matters - it’s all the good stuff that goes in. Created by herbalists and made with pure, certified organic ingredients, our teas are blended to soothe, excite and inspire. You can find all our teas within their product pages if you want to know more.


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