-19% sale
Matcha Green Tea Powder 100g - Certified Organic $26.00 $32.00
Premium Japanese certified organic Matcha green tea powder.
-50% sale
Auromar Geisha Coffee Whole 100g $30.00 $60.00
A blend that encapsulates totally different personalities, with sweet floral notes, jasmine, chocolate, honey toffee, and even black tea. Small batch freshness.
-50% sale
Coffee Finca Lerida Geisha Whole 100g $30.00 $60.00
A complex, sweet, and beautifully balanced cup of coffee with signature geisha flavours of lavender, vanilla, cherry, mango, fresh butter, nectarine, milk chocolate, and licorice. Small batch freshness.
Sold out -21% sale
The Grand Herb & Spice Set $107.00 $134.00
Introducing The Grand Herb & Spice Set, featuring certified organic herbs and spices. Perfect for those looking to switch over to a healthier lifestyle with organic ingredients, this selection of natural herbs and spices is sure to bring unbeatable flavour to your next dish.
Sold out -20% sale
The Grand Tea Bag Set $236.00 $295.00
The ultimate collection for the best collector. All certified organic and packaged in environmentally friendly packaging You won't find fresher or more sustainable ingredients. Making this the perfect gift for your favourite nature-lover and tea connoisseur!
Sold out -20% sale
The Grand Loose Leaf Tea Set $237.00 $296.00
Can't decide which tea to try? Look no further - The Grand Loose Leaf Tea Set has you covered! This tasty sample includes the best certified organic loose leaf tea so you can pick the perfect cup. Time to get sippin'!

Quality & Flavour

Certified Organic

Ethically Sourced

Reduced Packaging

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