Detox Tea Bags $6.00
    - Formulated to support the body's natural detoxification processes.     - Can aid in liver function and promote the elimination of toxins.     - Often used for its cleansing effects and support of overall wellness.
Licorice Tea Bags $6.00
    - Known for its soothing effects on the digestive system.     - Can support adrenal health and aid in stress management.     - Often used for its sweet flavour and anti-inflammatory properties.
Calming Tea Bags $6.00
    😰 Reduce stress & promote relaxation.     😌 Soothing effects.     😴 Improve sleep quality & reduce anxiety.
Green Tea (Decaffeinated) Tea Bags $6.00
    - Retains the antioxidants of green tea without the caffeine.     - Can aid in weight management and support cardiovascular health.     - Often used for its calming effects without the risk of caffeine-induced jitters.
Cinnamon Tea Bags $6.00
    🩸 Improve circulation.     💪 Anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial properties.     🔥 Warming and comforting flavour.
Passionflower Tea Bags $6.00
    - Traditionally used for its calming and sleep-inducing properties.     - Can help in reducing anxiety and improving sleep quality.     - Often used for its mild sedative effects without causing drowsiness.
Ginseng Tea Bags $6.00
    - Traditionally used as an adaptogen to increase energy and reduce stress.     - Can boost immune function and improve cognitive performance.     - Often used for its rejuvenating and restorative properties.
Mental Focus Tea Bags $6.00
    - Contains herbs and ingredients known to enhance cognitive function.     - Can improve concentration, memory, and mental clarity.     - Often used for its stimulating effects without causing overstimulation.
Immunitea Tea Bags $6.00
    - Formulated to boost the immune system, especially during cold and flu season.     - Contains ingredients with antiviral and antibacterial properties.     - Often used for its overall health-promoting effects.
Female Balance Tea Bags $6.00
    - Formulated to support women's hormonal balance and reproductive health.     - Can help in alleviating symptoms of PMS and menopause.     - Often used for its soothing effects on the menstrual cycle.
White Tea Tea Bags $6.00
   - High in antioxidants.    - Anti-aging properties and support skin health.    - Generally lower in caffeine than other teas, suitable for sensitive individuals.
Jasmine Green Tea Bags $6.00
    - Combines the antioxidants of green tea with the calming effects of jasmine.     - Can aid in weight loss and improving heart health.     - Often used for its fragrant aroma and stress-relieving properties.
Antiox Tea Bags $6.00
    🫐 Antioxidant Rich Ingredients      ☀️ Energise and start the day.     😌 Aromatic flavour & soothing effects.
Oolong Tea Bags $6.00
    - Known for its metabolism-boosting properties, can aid in weight management.     - Rich in antioxidants and can support heart and brain health.     - Often used for its unique flavour profile, balancing between green and black teas.
Digest Tea Bags $6.00
    - Contains a blend of herbs that aid in digestion and relieve bloating.     - Can help in soothing the gastrointestinal tract and preventing indigestion.     - Often used for its calming effects on the digestive system.

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