Lemon Myrtle Tea Bags $8.00
    - High in antioxidants and can support immune health.     - Known for its antimicrobial properties, beneficial for colds and throat infections.     - Often used for its vibrant, lemony taste and aroma.
Calendula Tea Bags $6.00
    🧴 Healing properties for skin.     🍽️ Aid in digestion     😌 Gentle soothing properties & mild taste.
Tulsi Tea Bags $6.00
    - Known as a powerful adaptogen, helping the body to manage stress.     - Can support respiratory health and immune function.     - Often used for its calming and balancing effects.
Cleanse Tea Bags $6.00
    🌎 Natural cleansing & detoxification.     🧴 Promote healthy skin.     😌 Gentle cleansing effects on the body.
Echinacea Tea Bags $6.00
    - Widely used for its immune-stimulating effects, particularly during cold seasons.     - Can help in reducing the duration and severity of cold symptoms.     - Often used for its potential to prevent infections.
Joint Calm Tea Bags $6.00
    - Includes herbs known for their anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.     - Can help in reducing joint pain and improving mobility.     - Often used for its soothing effects on both the joints and the overall body.
Rooibos Tea Bags $6.00
    - Caffeine-free, making it suitable for any time of the day and for all ages.     - Rich in antioxidants, which can protect against oxidative stress and inflammation.     - Often used for its calming effects on the digestive system.
Earl Grey Tea Bags $6.00
    - Known for its distinctive flavour, often enhanced with bergamot oil.     - Can improve energy levels and mental alertness.     - Often used for its mood-enhancing and digestive properties.
Turmeric Tea Bags $6.00
   - Turmeric is known for its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.    - Can support joint health and reduce symptoms of arthritis.    - Can aid in improving liver function and detoxification.
Elderflower Tea Bags $8.00
    - Known for its immune-boosting properties and support during colds and flu.     - Can have anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects.     - Often used for its light, floral flavour and soothing properties.
Lemongrass Tea Bags $6.00
    - Can aid in digestion and has a refreshing, calming effect.     - Known for its detoxifying properties and support of liver health.     - Often used for its aromatic, citrusy flavour and mild diuretic effects.
Energy Tea Bags $6.00
    - Formulated to provide a natural energy boost without the crash of caffeine.     - Includes herbs that support stamina and mental clarity.     - Often used for its revitalising effects and ability to increase alertness.
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Pu-erh Tea Bags $8.00
    - Known for its ability to aid in digestion and promote weight loss.     - Can help in reducing cholesterol levels and improving heart health.     - Often used for its unique flavour and post-fermentation health benefits.
Throat Calm Tea Bags $6.00
    - Includes ingredients that soothe sore throats and reduce coughing.     - Can have antimicrobial properties that help in fighting infections.     - Contains herbs that boost overall immune health.
Blossom Tea Bags $6.00
    🌸 Floral ingredients.     😌 Calming & anti-inflammatory.     🤤 Aromatic flavour and soothing effects.

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