English Breakfast Tea Bags - 50 Bags $8.00
    - Provides a robust flavour and an energising boost, with a higher caffeine content.     - Can improve mental alertness and concentration.     - Often used for its hearty, full-bodied flavour, ideal for starting the day.
Green Tea Bags - 50 Bags $6.00
    - High in antioxidants, particularly EGCG.     - Can boost metabolic rate, aiding in fat burning and weight management.     - Contains caffeine which can improve brain function and mental alertness.
Chai Spice Tea Bags - 50 Bags $9.00
    🥰 Warming spices of chai.     💪 Boost the immune system.     😌 Comforting and invigorating properties.
Chamomile Tea Bags - 50 Bags $6.00
    😴 Calming and sleep-inducing.     😥 Reducing anxiety.     😌 Soothe digestive discomfort.
Peppermint Tea Bags - 50 Bags $6.00
    - Widely used for its digestive benefits, including relief from IBS symptoms.     - Can help in reducing nausea and improving concentration.     - Often used for its cooling and refreshing effects.

Quality & Flavour

Certified Organic

Ethically Sourced

Reduced Packaging

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